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Comment of the Day: “This will not end well.”




Conservatives have been conducting a slow motion “coup d’etat” over the past 30 years. Gerrymandering. Voter suppression. Judicial manipulation. Propaganda programs to misinform and confuse large swaths of the voting public. The removal of Comey in the midst of of crucial investigation of the President and his enablers is one more step towards the inevitable: the perversion and ultimate destruction of democracy in the US leading to permanent conservative control of the country. This will not end well.

The commenter appears to have a highly pessimistic view of the situation.

What we can say is that it is unclear what mishandling of the Clinton email investigation Trump is referring to?  Personally, I think the handling Don the Con would have preferred is a recommendation for indictment of Hillary to the Justice Department– the attempts to tilt public sentiment against Hillary in the absence of sufficient evidence to indict were, in Don’s view, inadequate.

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