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Yale Psychiatrists Announce Don the Con has a “Dangerous Mental Illness”– US News Media Ignore It.


Here’s another news item that has not been reported in the US: a group of psychiatrists held a conference at Yale and announced that Don the Con is “paranoid and delusional” and not fit to be president.  Oddly, this announcement was not covered in any US papers, at least not according to a Google search.  Only the Independent and the Daily Mail, British newspapers, reported this on April 21.  The absence of any US newspaper’s reporting on this conference is suggestive of “self-censorship” by American news media.

Perhaps the title of the Daily Mail piece explains the lack of American coverage:

“Republicans hit out at ‘unethical’ psychiatrists who claim Donald Trump has a ‘dangerous mental illness'”

Read more:

Of course, “ethical standards” prohibit a psychiatrist (or any doctor) from making a diagnosis without first having a face-to-face consultation with the patient, but this situation demands more outreach because the “patient” is unlikely to submit to examination.  This “ethical standard” is known as the “Goldwater Rule” after psychiatrists came out with a remote diagnosis of presidential candidate Goldwater during the 1964 election season.

However, in this case the psychiatrists involved say that the “Duty to Warn” trumps the “Goldwater Rule”– no pun intended.  The “Duty to Warn” states that whenever a doctor perceives a patient to be dangerous to others, he or she is required to warn the potential or actual victims.  It seems that Don the Con is extremely dangerous to many people, and the “Duty to Warn” plainly makes it imperative for those who know what is going on with him to tell people.

The Daily Mail article goes into some detail with regard to the ethical issues.  One doctor who advocates warning others states that a one-on-one personal interview would be deceptive in this case because Don the Con is very good at hiding his dangerousness when interacting with individuals in person.  It is primarily when he speaks to large groups or makes Twitter statements that he reveals his true nature.

So we have an individual who displays certain signs typical of paranoid, delusional, anti-social, and narcissistic personalities– he is not necessarily mentally ill but he is extremely dangerous nonetheless.

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