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Don the Con Threatens Government Shut-Down Over Wall: Kakistocracy in Action


According to today’s Guardian, the budget bill that must be passed by April 28 to keep the US government running is threatened by Don the Con’s insistence that it include funding for a wall on our border with Mexico.  White House sources were uncertain whether Don the Con would sign a budget bill unless it includes money for his wall.

The border wall has become an obsession with Don the Con, and he is in such a hurry to build it that he can’t wait for Mexico to come around and provide the funding.  He is insisting that the wall be built with American funds, claiming that he will figure out later how to make Mexico pay.  US government estimates put the cost of the wall at $21 billion, but some say it could cost as much as  $75 billion.

Don the Con still claims that a wall will prevent drug smuggling and the entrance of members of the notorious Central American gang MS 13.  Never mind that Mexican drug smugglers are sophisticated enough to send drugs in by airplane or boat, or even to tunnel under the border routinely.  Never mind that gang members can easily fly in on six-month tourist visas and then overstay their visas– the method used by half of all illegal aliens.  Never mind all that.

A “big, beautiful wall” will reward Don the Con’s cronies who are into concrete.  As a matter of fact, Don the Con’s New York construction connections run to mafia contractors who control the concrete business.  That is why his favorite building, Trump Tower, is built with concrete instead of the structural steel recommended by architects.

So far, none of Don the Con’s much vaunted campaign promises not supported by an overwhelming majority of Republican lawmakers has come true.  We shall see if the opposition to the wall by Republican border-state legislators will trip up another of Don the Con’s promises.

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