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There are two things that our current President is doing that more than justify impeachment.

First, he has been violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution since the day he was inaugurated with the hotel he runs in Washington, DC at the Old Post Office, a historic government building.  Every day, members of foreign governments stay at that hotel and his company receives the profits.  There is even a clause in the contract he holds to manage the hotel that states specifically that no member of the American government can participate in running it.

Second, he colluded with the Russian government to corruptly and illicitly influence the presidential election.  There was a direct computer connection between Trump Tower and the Alfa Bank in Moscow that was shut down the day it was discovered, in September.   The Russian government, following long standing procedure, used fake news and hacking to spread disinformation among the American public before the election, and they were strongly biased against Hillary Clinton.  The Russians wanted Donald to win, and he cooperated with them.  Just the fact that he denied the existence of Russian hacking when he was confronted with the evidence shows that he was already aware of it and did not intend to do anything to stop it.  In fact, his former aide Mike Flynn is known to have discussed ameliorating Obama’s sanctions against Russia for the hacking as soon as Donald was inaugurated, with Russia’s ambassador over the phone– and Donald approved of his saying that.

Thus, the House would be fully justified on the basis of publicly available information in impeaching, and the Senate in removing, Donald Trump.  On the same grounds, the same impeachment proceedings are fully justified in the case of the Vice President.  Under the circumstances, a new presidential election should be held.

This is why I have had nothing to say for the past month.  Our current political system is completely rotten and there is little or no possibility of remedying the situation before the 2018 Congressional elections.  Under the circumstances, I feel justified in going into hiding.

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