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taiwan 3 hours ago

Within a week the House wll vote to repeal the ACA. Using reconciliation it is quite possible that the Senate will be able to complete that process by the summer. I am 55, unemployed and suffering from congestive heart failure. With the ACA I am able to get health care, without it tax credits where I don’t pay taxes on non-existent income is not going to buy insurance that would cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars anyway. Without health care I will probably die over the next year while your friends applaud the repeal. They will hear about people like me but they wont let it bother them. Some of them are on disability, which I rejected so I could continue to look for a teaching job, but your friends wont let that bother them as they cash their government check. Now I don’t know about you but I tend to think that I owe little to those whose votes led to my death. Forgive my condescension.

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