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If You Want to Read Those 35 Pages About Trump and Putin, Here They Are



I had to go to Haaretz to get a clear view of those 35 pages of “unsubstantiated” allegations about Trump.   It’s in the January 11 issue and it unequivocally states that both Trump and Obama were briefed on Russia’s attempts to swing the election. I suggest you do so also but I can tell you that it is just details about why and how Russia interfered in the election.  It alleges that there was two-way communication between Putin’s team and Trump’s team, and that is pretty obvious based on the fact that there was a computer connection between the two through Alfa bank that was suddenly shut down the day it was discovered.

The most salacious story is on the first page: three witnesses confirmed that, in 2013, Trump stayed at a hotel in Russia where the Clintons had stayed, in the same room, and paid prostitutes to urinate on the bed.  He did this because he hated the Clintons so much, especially Hillary.  That’s why the media’s not reporting this story, because it’s too disgusting.

The bottom line: during the election season, Trump was happy to see Russia in the crosshairs because it diverted attention from his vastly greater business activities in China.  He thought his connections to Russia were deniable.  That’s right.  Trump has little or no real business activity in Russia (other than heavy financing, most of it illicit), but he is working (still) on multiple deals with the Chinese, the people he has vilified throughout this election season and afterward.

(picture from Wikimedia Commons: Santa Efigenia stained glass window)


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