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Vladimir Putin is Blackmailing Donald



CNN’s story says it all: the classified intelligence briefing was reported by multiple people in the know to have said that the Russians have damaging personal and professional (business) knowledge about Donald and they are obviously willing to use it if he doesn’t do things the way they like it– especially if he allows NATO to defend itself against a Russian takeover of the Baltics and maybe even Poland.

This conclusion is so obvious and so logical that it surprises me that it hasn’t come up before.  Donald did some bad things because he thought he could get away with them.  You name the bad things– it doesn’t really matter whether it was wife-beating, dog-beating, or masturbating because we know that if it got out, it would be grounds for impeachment that even the Republicans couldn’t deny.

It’s not emails that he wrote because Donald never wrote any emails.  It is things he did, personally and business-related, and especially business, in which he was in bed with people connected with organized crime.  He took money from criminals to build his hotels and golf courses, and he cashed in on those projects and left other people, innocent naive people holding the bag for the bankruptcies.  The Russians have all the details– Donald tried to keep these things secret, but you can’t keep secrets from the criminals who gave you the money.

The CNN story is here.

For further details, see this Mother Jones story that ran in October but failed to influence anyone.  Apparently a British former spy has been investigating Trump in the pay of Republicans who don’t like Donald and Democrats as well.  He provided his information to the FBI starting in June and more fully in August.  Unfortunately none of this was front page news and everything is, of course, denied by Donald and his friends (what makes anyone think that Donald would admit any of this?  Why bother to ask him unless you think his denials are somehow credible?  You know he’s been shown to lie repeatedly and obviously in the past so why listen to him now?)

What is worst is that the story is so totally credible in terms of who Donald is and who Vladimir Putin is that no one should doubt it for a moment.

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