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Donald’s Russian Connections: A Run-Down



Apparently Donald, our new president, has numerous connections to Russian and Russian-American kleptocrats and gangsters, and has depended upon them for a huge quantity of loans to finance his capital projects (buildings, mostly hotels).  The details are too complex and entangled to even begin to list here, but there are obvious motivations for his work with Putin in stealing our most recent presidential election.  A long article has just been published in The American Interest, and is available for your free perusal at this address (it’s your only free article this month in this magazine, so read it carefully before closing the page.)  It was written by a lawyer who specializes in investigating crooked banking interests named James S. Henry.  If you have time (at least two hours to read this article through), it will benefit you to discover just how heavily entangled Donald is with the Russian-American mob and Russia’s gangster-in-chief, Vladimir Putin.

This is a re-post because I’m not happy with the way Facebok treated my first try.

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