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Donald and Kanye



Question: what does Donald’s expression say about him?  Is it something to do with Kanye West?  Or is he having a bad day?  He tweeted that he was too busy to hold his previously announced press conference today in which he was to explain how he was going to distance himself from his business ventures during his presidency.  Instead, he announced that his son and son-in-law would be handling his businesses.  Perhaps not a fully satisfactory explanation, but it allows him to avoid taking questions from the press (who are sure to be out to get  him after the “secret” tongue-lashing he gave them the other day that they weren’t allowed to report on.)

I have been arguing with myself ( a sure sign of incipient schizophrenia ) as to whether every post from now on should be about the “orange jackal” or whether I should just ignore him altogether and return to just posting flower photographs.  Any guidance from my three regular readers would be appreciated.

(photo credit: Getty Images)

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  1. Ivan permalink
    2016-12-13 12:52 PM

    I think his tweets and any other statements he makes that do not allow for follow up questions should be ignored. This is an extremely powerfull way for him to constantly control the dialog.


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