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Bizarre Response by Donald to Allegations that Russia Hacked DNC


The US intelligence services have come out with a firm charge that the Russian intelligence services hacked into both the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee, as well as important persons involved in both campaigns.  More importantly, our intelligence people have concluded that Russia tried to interfere in our presidential election in favor of the Republican presidential candidate.  In other words, the Russians helped Donald get elected.

The orange jackal had a bizarre response to this charge: he completely denied it, and claimed that it was purely politically motivated sour grapes.  In other words, he denied that our intelligence services know what they are doing, and claimed that they are biased in favor of the Democratic Party. What is worse is that he has stated that he does not need the daily intelligence briefings that presidents normally get, and that he will have his vice president receive the routine briefings.  He has said that he will only accept briefings when the intelligence community has something really new to tell him.  He said that the briefings are repetitive, or in other words, boring.

He even equated the information about Russia’s hacking to the erroneous claims made about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, saying that they came from the same people– which is absurd.  In fact, the claims about weapons of mass destruction were made by a few operators who were especially implanted in our intelligence services by Dick Cheney; they were not the professionals who normally perform our secret investigative work.

The arrogance and vanity of these statements is truly shocking and bizarre coming from a president-elect who has never had any experience with classified information nor any prior knowledge of how our intelligence services operate, nor what secret information to which they are privy.  Even the Republican senators have found his statements shocking.  If this is any indication of how the orange one is going to operate in relation to the secret intelligence services that we have used successfully for years, we are in for some serious problems in the near future.

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