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Anonymous ambrotype A Veteran with his Wife

This comment was posted on the New York Times in response to a column by Gail Collins about the effort to recount the votes.   Gail noted that Jill Stein was leading the recount effort and had received enough votes in Wisconsin to cover Hillary’s deficit– in other words, if all the people who had voted for Jill Stein had voted for Hillary Clinton, Hillary would have won Wisconsin.

Montreal Moe

WestPark, Quebec   December 1, 2016

It is little things that destroy a country not the big things. In a healthy USA Donald Trump doesn’t participate in politics. In a healthy USA Jimmy Carter is reelected in a landslide. In a healthy USA Jimmy Carter is a conservative trying to maintain a country loyal to its constitution and Ronald Reaganis a fraud and a phony. In a healthy country the intelligence agency is a servant of the country and its citizens not its Chamber of Commerce. In a healthy country a man like Antonin Scalia does not get a spot on the Supreme Court when he rejects everything the country stands for and hates the men who founded the country because their philosophy stood in total opposition to his world view. In a healthy country Clarence Thomas does not get a seat on the Supreme Court because he is Black but unqualified he does not get a job on the Supreme Court because he is morally Bankrupt and totally unqualified. In a healthy country Bill Clinton is not impeached for lying about sex because he doesn’t have to lie about his inability to control his sexual desires. In a healthy country the leader of the senate doesn’t vow to destroy the President because success doesn’t serve the political needs of the Senate majority
Donald Trump is only the symptom of the disease and may not even be the symptom of a disease anymore he may be the death rattle of a once great nation.

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