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Why Would a Woman Vote for Donald? And Will He “Lock Her Up”??


Post-election statistics show that 42 percent of women overall voted for Donald.  53 percent of white women voted for Donald.  94 percent of black women voted for Hillary, but only 68 percent of Latina women did the same.

Why would any woman vote for Donald after what he said about “grabbing women” by the genitals, women he didn’t even know?

I considered the possibility that some women didn’t even hear the tape that recorded (not surreptitiously, but unbeknownst to the speakers) Donald’s comments about how he was so famous that he could sexually molest women he didn’t know and get away with it.  Or if they did hear it, they discounted it as propaganda or somehow irrelevant.

It is possible that the state of the media today is such that a significant proportion of women simply didn’t hear about this issue.  The fact is that there is a lot of news that doesn’t reach the people who really need to know.

Another possibility is that women heard about the tape, but discounted it because of contrary information they received about Hillary.  It is hard to imagine for me, but possible that some women heard about Hillary’s claimed misdeeds and thought them to be more consequential than Donald’s statements and the corroborating statements of at least a dozen women who described his attacks upon them.

What did Hillary do that was so terrible?  “Lock her up” was apparently just a campaign slogan, as Donald said today that he wasn’t going to pursue her for her allegedly illegal deeds because she was suffering over a “vicious” campaign.  Donald forgot to mention that it wasn’t up to him to decide whether the Justice Department or the FBI should investigate or prosecute anyone in particular– that’s not how it works in this country.  Both institutions are supposed to be independent of the President.  Perhaps Donald intends to alter that arrangement.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Here’s an article that purports to answer the question of why 53 percent of white women voted for Trump: the “Ivanka voter.”  I don’t believe it but then I’m not a woman, so I don’t get to answer the question.

From the same source, PopSugar, here’s an article that claims that, if it were only up to people under 39, Hillary would have won.  That makes me feel a little bit better, but until the country gets to be majority black and Hispanic and majority under 39, and everybody under 39 votes (they didn’t, not by a long shot), we’re still in for a lot of Republican control.

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