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Donald Will Pay $25 Million to Settle Trump University Suits


The New York Times and other media today announced that Donald will pay a large sum to settle the civil lawsuits against his “Trump University” scam.  This outrageously obvious hoax had people paying up to $35,000 (and in one case, $80,000) for a series of “courses” or pep talks that claimed to provide listeners with Donald’s secrets to success in the business of real estate.

Donald’s sudden reversal (he had previously vowed to fight the suits “on principle”) comes as a surprise to many, but makes perfect sense when considered in the light of the numerous issues that he must face in the next two months.  Donald must hire about 4,000 qualified workers to fill out his administration of the Executive Department of the United States federal government.  He must create a coherent policy regarding both foreign affairs and domestic matters, and he must find a judge to nominate to the federal Supreme Court.

All of these matters will make serious demands on his time, and he cannot afford to be tied up testifying in a case in which he is sure to lose– possibly with a much greater damage amount than a “paltry” $25 million.  His position in the suits was seriously undermined by some of his sales executives who, when deposed, stated that the “University” was “a fraudulent scheme” and “a facade, a total lie.”  Donald also admitted in a deposition that he had not, as he had claimed, handpicked his instructors.

The New York Attorney General announced the settlement today, just a few days before the San Diego case was due to be heard before a jury.  The deal apparently wraps up all of the outstanding cases against him in the “Trump University” matter.  For a relatively small sum to the billionaire Donald, he has put this unpleasant controversy behind him well before being inaugurated.  Only time will tell whether other fraudulent schemes he has been involved in will come back to sink their teeth in his gluteal areas.

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