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Clarence Thomas Groped Me, Says White Woman


A young lawyer says that in 1999, while she was setting the dinner table at Clarence Thomas’ house preparatory to a dinner party that he was hosting, he grabbed her by the buttocks and made suggestive comments.  See this article on the Slate blog “Slatest” for further details.

Thomas naturally denied the accusation, as he could hardly be expected to admit to being a Donald wannabe.  The woman’s three former room-mates and her ex-husband confirmed that she had told them privately about the incident at the time that it occurred, not making it a certainty but helping her credibility considerably.

Clarence Thomas is well-known for being the Supreme Court Justice who barely received confirmation from a bitterly divided Senate after Anita Hill made her famous allegations that he had sexually harassed her when she was one of his law clerks.  What is not as widely known is that two other women stood ready to testify that they had been recipients of his attentions– but the Judiciary Committee recessed without bothering to call them to testify.

Naturally, Thomas has been the worst Supreme Court Justice in recent memory, failing to ask questions during oral arguments and voting reliably conservative and anti-civil rights in every case.  There are no active movements to impeach him or force his resignation on grounds of incompetence.

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