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Ten former nuclear launch control officers: Don’t Trust Donald


The Washington Post published an article on Friday about ten former nuclear launch control officers who have signed an open letter stating that Donald should not be trusted with the keys to command the launch of nuclear ballistic missiles and airplanes carrying nuclear weapons.  The “keys” referred to are the emergency systems that allow the President (and a few others) to command launching a nuclear war in the last extremity when all other systems have failed, for example when a first strike by enemy powers (originally the Soviet Union) has disabled our command-and-control apparatus.  That pretty well sums up the story, and no other “former nuclear launch control officers” have come forward to support Donald.

Just to be certain that you don’t think I am letting Hillary off lightly: after thirty or more years of Judicial Watch lawsuits and other unwanted scrutiny by the “vast right wing conspiracy”, no one has been able to indict Hillary for anything.  Her husband Bill lost his law license over the impeachment and had a heart attack which probably ended his ability to sexually harass anyone, but Hillary is still hanging in there.

Hillary’s most recent problems, the Wikileaks disclosures of her hacked emails, have been trivial in comparison to Donald’s peccadillos.  Wikileaks has had some emails published, but they have not been the “smoking guns” that they have hoped for.  Everything they have disclosed is either ambiguous, distorted, or completely unfounded.  There is a possibility that they are saving something really nasty for the last few days of the campaign, but we will have to wait to see if they can come up with anything worse.

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