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Donald, Cocaine, Debates, and the Presidential Election


Now I know the true meaning of the saying: “cocaine is G-d’s way of telling you you have too much money.”  Naturally, Donald has enough money so that he need not ever be concerned about a) ever running out of cocaine or b) ever having his dealer snitch on him.  I never used enough of the stuff to recognize the  visible signs of cocaine use when I see them: sniffling, acute elevation of mood, hyperactivity, and irritability, all subsiding within an hour or so and followed by acute depression and fatigue, with a distinct desire to repeat the dose.  The fact that he sniffled repeatedly (with a frequency that decreased during the debate) during the first debate was attributed by one famous ex-cocaine user (a famous movie star known to most as Princess Leia) to his use of cocaine, and we have no obvious reason to think otherwise.

As to debates, I was impressed by the number of times Donald interrupted Hillary, as well as the body language he displayed when he was not interrupting her.  He wandered about the stage, clutched his chair and swayed, stood behind her menacingly, or sniffled repeatedly (ninety times by one count.)

Donald’s chances of winning the presidential election have deteriorated from 17 to 13%, according to the New York Times assessment of polls and their effect on the Electoral College.  These chances are not due to the latest debate, but related to polls conducted by CBS and the Wall Street Journal before the debate.

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