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Donald’s 1995 Tax Returns Made it Possible to Avoid All Federal Income Tax For Years


The New York Times was able to publish a piece on Donald’s taxes Saturday night because an anonymous whistleblower within the Trump Tower sent three critical pages from his 1995 tax returns to a Times investigative reporter.  This piece showed that Donald declared a “net operating loss” of nearly a billion dollars for 1995, enabling him to avoid federal income taxes on up to 50 million dollars a year for up to eighteen years.  Chris Christie called this a “genius move” that would actually help his campaign, but the 99.9% of Americans who can’t use this perfectly legal loophole might choose to differ.

Chris Christie also said that Donald would have to be “a fool” not to use this loophole, and that his stockholders would be able to sue him if he did not use it.  This may be true, but the difference between “genius” and “fool” is wide, and most people fit right in there.  The losses apparently were the result of Donald’s mismanagement of three casinos into bankruptcy, and ended in a total of six, not four, bankruptcies as previously reported.

Donald’s running his casinos into bankruptcy may seem like “mismanagement” and certainly resulted in the loss of value of his stock from the mid-thirty dollar range to pennies, but it also allowed him to live a life of luxury and to survive two divorces and adultery.  Nobody who lives like this has the integrity to be president, regardless of his temperament.

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