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The Donald Makes a Profit From Running For President


I’m not going to cite any articles here because it’s all over the Web– Donald takes his donations, many from small lower middle class people, and uses them to reimburse himself for his jet travel, to pay rent on his owned properties, to pay security (even though the Secret Service provides all he needs), and so on and so forth.  If he could charge for serving Trump steaks to everyone who goes to his rallies, he would do it.

Donald himself admitted that he stood to make a profit from running for president, and I think this is his primary motivating factor.  He knows that he has less than even chances of winning, but who cares if you win when you’ve made money by paying yourself the donations given you by gullible lower middle class frustrated voters?  He first loaned his campaign some $50 million to start; all that he can claim to have paid back by donations rolling in.  Then he went to charging for use of his own properties, his own jets, and so on.

If you want to get started on this truly major scandal, read the Huffington Post and the Washington Post, as they have extensive reporting on this subject– which has led Trump to refuse press credentials, especially to the Wash Post.  The New York Times is getting in on the act, and they will probably be frozen out by Trump’s staff soon.

That’s the bottom line: Donald is running for president primarily to make money.  If he wins, who knows what he’ll do.  I just know it won’t be pretty.  Fortunately for Democrats, they hold leads in the states that are critical to winning in the Electoral College– which makes Donald’s chances of winning less than even although the two candidates are supposedly neck and neck in national polls.

So think of it this way: do you want to vote for president for a con man?  He is using charitable donations to his Trump Foundation to finance his legal battles over his privately owned properties, on which he can charge rent.  For instance, he used Foundation money to finance a legal battle over a flag pole that Florida local officials said was too tall, at 80 feet.  The officials said he had to donate money to charity to pay for this malfeasance, so he used Foundation money to send to charity…

What’s more, he is using small donations from people who can’t afford to make any political donations for his private gain.  What a con artist!

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  1. Lynn Ruby permalink
    2016-09-26 08:16

    Yes, he uses his foundation as his personal bank. Will share this article. Very good.


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