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New York August 2, 2016

You are dreaming.

This is the same political party that gathered around Mitch McConnell and chose racism over patriotism.

Over and over again.

And you want THIS party to stand up to Trump?

Trump represents his party perfectly.

The only difference between Ryan, McConnell and the Republican Party and Trump is that Trump is louder.

Not meaner (check out the government shut down over health care that the Republicans knew in advance wouldn’t work) (check out the Supreme Court nominee that they won’t even talk to because THAT MAN chose him) .

Check out the demeaning things other Republicans have said about Obama, Muslims, Mexicans before Trump made it his call to trumpet the Republican hidden racist agenda … proudly.

Mr. Trump and Spineless Republicans?

Nonsense, they’ve all been on the same page, reading from the same playbook since McConnell created his Party of No.

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