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A Personal Note


I will be having two operations on August 9 and 10, to repair damage in my lumbar spine that was originally incurred in August 1972 in an automobile-bicycle accident (see the essay titled “Bicycle”.)  I will be in the hospital for a couple of weeks undergoing rehabilitation exercises after the operation.

The operation involves inserting spacers into the disk spaces to repair the loss of height that pinches on the spinal nerves at the lumbar interspaces.  In addition, the surgeon will insert two titanium rods to hold the spine in correct alignment.  This will relieve the pinched nerves that have been causing increasing pain and numbness in my feet and lower legs.

I will not be posting to my blog during the next two weeks because I will be in the hospital.  When I get out, I am hoping to resume my previous level of activity.  Thank you for reading my posts up until now.


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