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Donald’s Lies: Chaos is NOT Looming


Paul Krugman’s opinion column in the NYT points out Donald’s lies in his nomination acceptance speech: chaos is not looming, as he claims.

First, the homicide rate in New York City is near all-time lows; although it has increased slightly in the last year, rates are less than half of those in the 1990’s, when Republicans claimed that chaos was looming.  For example, in 2015, there were 352 murders; in 2000, there were 673.  In the 1950’s, there were about 350 murders a year; there was a steep increase in the 1960’s and a peak in 1990, followed by a steep decrease until now.

Second, the birth rate among teenagers has dropped dramatically in the last twenty-five years, by some 60 percent since 1991.  Three-quarters of teen births were in 18 and 19-year-olds.  Caucasian teenagers had half the birth rate of black and Hispanic teenagers.  The birth rate among Hispanic teenagers has dropped 50 percent since 2007.  Rates were highest in the South and in Wyoming.

Strangely, according to Gallup, some 70 percent of Americans believe that crime is increasing.  Only 40% believed that crime was increasing in 2001.  Donald’s supporters seem to be particularly likely to believe that crime is increasing and chaos is on the rise.

Donald finds it critical to make his supporters think that chaos is looming and that the “other” is coming to destroy their imagined, peaceful world.  He thinks he must scare his people and stimulate their paranoia about outsiders who are plotting to come in and take over.  Their fear will, he thinks, lead them to look for a strong leader– him.  This process is the same as the strategy that Hitler employed in the 1920’s.

Never mind the threat that the Islamic State presents.  This threat is much closer to home, and it comes from the black and Hispanic people who are “taking over” with the help of the liberal, left-wing Democratic forces who are imposing political correctness and affirmative action on middle-aged white males.  White, poorly-educated men are threatened by better-trained, more motivated women of color who are the beneficiaries of political preferences– or so they think.

In reality, white, poorly-educated men are under threat because their skills are obsolete and they are too old to change or to benefit from re-training.  They are, in fact, out of date, and for good reason.  They are being left behind because they  can’t do the job.  They are being left behind because they have old-fashioned attitudes that younger, well-educated people find offensive.  That is the reality.  They just don’t fit in because they are not computer-literate and they can’t function in an internet world.


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