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Donald Earns a New Title: the Nabob of Narcissism


More comments today on the New York Times online, to a piece by David Brooks about Donald’s Republican convention:

Mark Young

San Francisco, CA

Folks, this is becoming a little too scary for any sane person’s comfort.

People need to remember that the US possesses thousands of nuclear weapons ready to be launched on the authority of one person—the President. Trump could invoke this authority on the smallest of errors or pretense. He has said as much. He would show any nation the consequences of questioning the US’s or his authority.

There is no one to question, debate or check this authority held by the President. Once an order to launch is given, the military will follow orders without question.

The smallest of weapons in the US arsenal will vaporize everything within 2.5 miles. Millions would die. If the exchange is big enough, the survival of everyone on the planet would be in question.

Do we really want to grant that authority to a man who’s ego is this fragile and who describes outright lies as creative hyperbole?

There is no place on this planet that you could move to to escape the risk of a Trump presidency.

David Blum

Daejon, Korea

It’s one thing to have a twitter feed and go off on that.

It’s another thing to have the nuclear codes.

I could understand his nutty tweets if he drank, but he supposedly doesn’t.

This man is unstable.



Miami-Dade County

Trump hasn’t slipped off the rails, Mr. Brook, he has been on no rails all campaign. Mexican Rapists. Build a wall that blocks Mexico from the US. The Mexicans will pay for it all. Woman are dropping on their knees. The Central Park rapists are still guilty. One could go on all day with Trump quotes that show he has no sense of reality.

What has slipped off the rails is the US Press Corp that has allowed this Nabob of Narcissism to get this far as to claim the Republican Nomination for the Presidency. And don’t be coy Mr. Brooks; after all, at least George Will had the decency to give up his Republican Party voting preference. When will you?

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