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Some New Comments About the Donald


Here’s a few new comments about Donald and his prospective running mate, Mike Pence, governor of Indiana (from a New York Times article):

D.E May


If Mr. Trump does indeed select Gov. Pence, it would actually tell us quite a bit about how he sees himself, what he thinks his weaknesses are, and who he considers his base. It would also indicate that Trump may be a better representative of the modern GOP that many care to admit- it would amount to a doubling down on the bet that white, conservative, evangelical, traditional values voters can continue to carry the party to national victory, despite all emerging demographic trends. All campaigns are about coalition building- candidates craft a narrative, identify a base of people that it will resonate with, and then work really hard to get those people out to vote. Mike Pence would be a perfect encapsulation of the vision (blindness) of the current GOP, and a final rejection of the party’s 2012 post mortem report. It will cost them.

What is by far the most interesting question left is what comes next. When Mr. Trump loses in the fall (and he will- the presidential election is not a straight up or down popular vote; which of the states that Obama won in 2012 can Trump flip? Go check the map, I’ll wait), my interest lies primarily in understanding where the GOP goes from here, after losing three straight presidential elections. At what point does that reevaluation finally occur? As I said, this is by far the most interesting question left in this cycle. Support for Hillary is clear tepid, the polls reflect it. Will the GOP adjust in time for 2020?


Wash DC 

Should Trump not win (I’m not so certain as you that he won’t) the GOPs ultimate re-evaluation will proceed as the secession of the red states from the union. Wait and see.

Tip Jar

Coral Gables, FL 

The most chilling aspect of your comment is how you so calmly excuse the fact that the Republican Party has normalized white nationalism.

“Traditional values voters”? You mean bigots who want to legally discriminate?



Indiana’s law, which Pence said he signed “with a prayer,” makes Indiana the second state in the nation to ban abortion in cases where a fetal anomaly is detected. (Sorry, would-be parents of a microcephalic fetus caused by the Zica virus- you lose.)

It also mandates the burial and cremation of miscarried or aborted remains; restricts fetal tissue donation; and requires doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital or to have an agreement with a doctor who does.

Then there is his infamous anti-lgbt legislation that allowed businesses to discriminate based on their religion.

This guy is as much of a mosogynist and bigot as Trump is.



Much worse, because he has already been able to implement his nasty opinions in a high elected office.

Jay Savko


Birds of a feather…


the new world 

3 marriages. 4 bankruptcies. Thousands of lawsuits. Active civil case he defrauded thousands of consumers. Refusal to pay workers: maids, carpenters, bartenders. Retweets white supremacist garbage & lies about it. Insults, degrades, defames those who disagree w/ him. Doubles down on racism & bigotry. Refuses to do research, learn anything, correct himself or apologize. Shuttered failed casinos. Trump shareholders ruined.

What could go wrong? Mike Pence? Great.

I’m stupefied when we look hard at Trump: unstable, erratic, dishonest, corrupt, unqualified, racist, ignorant. The story of his business empire is a lie.

The media – print media including NYT & all cable news channels – continues to cover Trump’s campaign as a ratings bonanza, Trump’s campaign as an exciting horse race. On rare occasions when reporters ACCIDENTALLY say what they really think about him, it’s shocking. (Chuck Todd’s casual remark Trump’s endorsers are destroying their careers/Halpern & Heilemann occasionally saying bleakly how disturbed Trump is, how sad they feel covering him).

But otherwise, the media coverage rolls right along breathlessly covering Trump, the fascinating phenomena, obsessed w/ the horse race trivia – rather than covering the real threat Trump poses to our democracy.

Keep it up. Keep covering the polls, the horse race, the strategy, the trivia. None of it important.

When is the media going to start doing their jobs reporting what’s wrong with this candidate? Never???



Good news! I’ve done some quick-and-dirty back-of-napkin calculation based on census data, and determined that only approximately 27.3% of the US electorate is over 18, white, straight, and male. So we’re safe, because no female, no LGBTQ ally, and no person of any faith other than Christianity could feel safe if they voted for these two clowns.

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