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Bruce Rozenblit

is a trusted commenter Kansas City 1 day ago

America is becoming Afghanistan.

People are armed to the teeth with high power military style weapons.
Anyone can buy guns just about anywhere.
No restrictions on ammunition purchases.
Armor piercing ammo is readily available.
Many states now have both open carry and conceal carry and many of those do not require a permit or any training.
Law enforcement is terrified of the pubic.
The public is terrified of law enforcement.
The government through police brutality openly oppresses certain minorities.
Politicians have lost respect for law enforcement when they don’t get a politically desired conviction.
We have state sanctioned dungeons called prisons that are busting at the seams from overcrowding.
We do nothing to counter massive inequality and hopelessness which breeds contempt and lack of respect for government.
We are on the verge of electing a demagogue for president who knows nothing but talks tough and rails against everything.
His opponent ignores legal requirements of office for convenience.
Congress is completely dysfunctional, accomplishes nothing and thinks its job is to gum up the works so no problems can be addressed. This is done in opposition to the duly elected leader whom whey have no respect for.
Mass shootings have become commonplace.

About the only hurdle left are roadside IEDs and suicide car bombs.

All because of politics, fanatic ideology, corruption in the form of campaign financing and lobbyists, and a misinterpreted 2nd amendment.

This comment was in response to a story in the New York Times about the shooting deaths of 5 police officers in Dallas.

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