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More on The Three Body Problem


The novel I mentioned yesterday has already been made into a movie, which is due out in July.  This Chinese production is in 3-D, which is appropriate, and looks to have plenty of CGI  — needed for the scenes on the fictional planet described in the movie.

Incidentally, the actual Alpha Centauri star system is a three-star system, but it’s probably not as apocalyptic as described in the novel.  It consists of two very sun-like stars close together, about as far apart as Pluto-Saturn and the Sun in an 80 year mutual orbit, and a third red dwarf, which is about 500 times as far as Neptune from the Sun.  The red dwarf, if it is in a true orbit with the other two (uncertain), would have a 500,000 year orbital period.  There is intense astronomical observation of this system due to its proximity to Earth (about 4.37 light years), but no definite planets have been seen, and anything larger than 4 Earth masses has been ruled out.  (Wikipedia.)

The novel is more about human’s relationship to our planet and our mismanagement of it; the idea is that we are doing so poorly that an alien species is invited to give their expert advice on how to improve things.  That doesn’t necessarily work out so well.  Excellent book and I am impatient to read the second and third volumes.

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