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The Three Body Problem


“The Three Body Problem” is an exciting science fiction novel written in Chinese and suffused with the Chinese worldview.  It was recently translated into English, and I just finished reading– only to discover that it is the first volume of a trilogy.  This book is highly recommended.  I am reminded of “The Martian”, another recent novel that became a movie– the novel was said to have been originally written online, on one of those “blogs.”

3 body problem is a celestial mechanics problem that has no solution according to math in book.  Our nearest neighbor Alpha Centauri is actually a 3-sun system, and the book is about the final surviving planet (out of twelve) in the Alpha C. system.  It seems that there is a civilization on that planet, and they are aware that they are likely to be destroyed by the erratic behavior of their system.  Thus the dramatic tension essential to a good story.

Sorry but I still can’t type well due to large bandage on tip of important typing finger… back to “hunt and peck”… tip of finger is numb due to nerve severing by pruning shears.

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