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Man Falls Onto Subway Tracks, Is Rescued


man on tracks

I’ve reposted stories about falling onto the subway tracks before, so this item stood out for me: a man fell onto the subway tracks on June 10 and was immediately rescued by three men who jumped down and lifted him up.  These men were in turn helped up onto the platform by others.  There was a bystander with a cellphone who recorded video of the entire incident so it is easy to see exactly what happened.

These stories are charming, heroic, heartwarming and romantic, part of a world unique to the underground trains of big cities like New York.

The story was originally reported in Gothamist, a blog obviously for issues related to the city of “Gotham” (Batman’s pseudonymous home).  The New York Times copied the report.

The above is a picture from the video taken by the bystander, Sumeja Tulic, who was also interviewed by the NYT.


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