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new jersey

It’s pretty simple…she has been beaten up by the GOP since the 90’s. That’s over 25 years of Repuglicans trying to find something, something, anything to pin on her and her husband to discredit them. She hasn’t helped herself with the email disaster and the speaking fees. However, nothing she has done has warranted this kind of hatred. Part of it is that she’s a woman and there are still lots of people who don’t like strong women. I know, I’m one of them and we have to fight every day to be as recognized as men with the same or even lesser capabilities. Part of the problem is her “stiffness”; she really doesn’t project warmth or sincerity. She is stoic, she is strong, she is driven, so what? Isn’t that what we want in a President? President Obama is extremely likable. One could imagine meeting him and feeling very at ease and trusting. But every good President isn’t the same. As long as there is confidence, a decent moral compass and acuity for the job, I’ll take her. What we don’t want is a shill who’s main focus is himself, who really could care less about the average American. What we need is someone who is less about closing a deal and more about creating an accepting, open country, someone who will be respected by foreign leaders and whose temperament will allow for clear headed decisions. True, I’d Rather meet and do fun things with Barack in a heartbeat. But do I think she is capable of running the country…yes I do. So let’s get this done people…remember SCOTUS!

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This comment is attached to a NYT article about Hillary Clinton’s “unpopularity” ratings, which are said to be as high as Donald Drumpf’s ratings.  How stupid can the American people be?  Are Americans really so gullible that they will accept as a politician a narcissistic, infantile billionaire?  Discuss.

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