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Weak Contributions to Donald Trump from Conservative Big-Money Donors


“He’s an ignorant, amoral, dishonest and manipulative, misogynistic, philandering, hyper-litigious, isolationist, protectionist blowhard,” one donor said.  The New York Times reports that only nine of forty traditional super-PAC donors would commit themselves to supporting Donald Trump as they have other Republican candidates.  Some supporters say they would only consider backing him if he dramatically dialed back on his inflammatory statements.

One of the most notorious Republican big money donors is Sheldon Adelson, and he supports Donald Trump; this contribution alone could amount to 20 to 100 million dollars.  A billion dollars is needed altogether for the entire Presidential campaign, win or lose.  Some potential donors have even said that based on Trump’s own statements, he should be able to fund his campaign from his own resources.

The truth is probably that Mr. Trump’s cash worth is nowhere near what he claims it to be.  He is probably unable to raise a billion dollars in cash between now and election day, even if his net worth including all his properties is over a billion dollars, even if it is ten billion dollars.  Most of his assets are probably in highly illiquid properties or objects that he would have some difficulty raising cash from to support a political campaign.

In the last Presidential election, Obama raised more money than his Republican opponent, despite his net worth; this demonstrates the difference between net worth and cash flow.  There is also the possibility that the big money realized that Obama was likely to win and didn’t waste their money supporting a losing candidate.  Whether the big money demonstrates that type of foresight or not, it is likely that Mrs. Clinton will raise more money than Mr. Trump, and by a large margin.

If this look at the future of the fundraising situation holds the same over the next few weeks, we can be reassured that Clinton will outpace Drumpf in fundraising and votes, with a final margin of victory that will resemble the loss of Goldwater to Johnson in 1964.

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  1. Richard Steagall permalink
    2016-05-21 15:56

    Trump has been in bankruptcy four times. Any lender or investor involved in Trump’s projects has the asset tied up so Trump cannot sell or borrow on it


    • 2016-05-22 10:17

      Those weren’t personal bankruptcies, though. They were corporate, which means his personal “fortune” wasn’t affected…. ? So, some people say he might not be worth even a billion, which would be deeply embarrassing to a man who claims to be worth TEN BILLION DOLLARS… heh. That’s why he won’t release tax returns, because a of what a forensic accountant might do with that information. More embarrassing than to lose the presidential race.


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