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The Awful Truth that We All Have Failed to See


What is the horrible, awful, despair-inducing truth that we have all missed over the last few months?  The fact that millions upon millions of Americans are so deluded that they have seriously voted in favor of Donald Trump becoming President.  The people who have voted this way either agree with the vicious lies, threats, and insults that he has been spouting nonstop since before he declared his candidacy, or else they have been ignoring the plain import of what he is saying.  What is so horrible is that there are so many people in this country who think this way.  It is not important that they are in the minority.  What is important is that there are millions of them: a large minority of the American people.

That means that there are millions of intolerant, xenophobic, misled individuals who could form a lynch mob at any time.  This is worse than “The Oxbow Incident.”  A substantial minority of any random crowd could be goaded or fooled into infecting the rest with homicidal violence.

I despair for the future of the United States of America if this kind of people get any power at all– if any of them become policemen, city councilors, state legislators, or if any of them are seated on juries.  In short, the temperament displayed by the people who voted for Trump is destructive to society as a whole.  With this kind of attitude, what should they care about global warming, or even global thermonuclear warfare?

This is what we all need to see now.  I am afraid that it may already be too late.

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  1. Richard L Steagall permalink
    2016-05-10 7:11 PM

    A reporter I know interviewed Trump 10 years ago told me he was a nice guy who was smart.

    My nephew, a young lawyer, suggested Trump saw the Republican Party heading to destruction and said I can beat any of these guys. In doing so he has given the Repubkican Party what it wants.

    He cannot win with 75% of women and Hispanics against him and 90% of blacks. Those numbers are not going to change.

    I see Trump as giving the Southern dominated Republican Party what it wants Its destruction will end its obstruction policies or the Party will not survive and be replaced by a more mainstream party.

    It is likely the republicans will evolve back to what they were


    • 2016-05-11 6:53 AM

      “Has given the Republican Party what it wants”… you mean they are suicidal? If so, good, for their obstruction the last seven years has been monumental and destructive of government– the only thing that saved fed gov’t is that it is such a juggernaut, can’t be stopped easily. What about destruction/perversion of state governments and ruination of some state’s economies, like Illinois for example? It seems like poor people are suffering more and more from state gov’t dysfunction.
      If Trump wanted to destroy Republican Party, he is doing well at that, but what does he do then? If he can accomplish massive defeat of downticket Republicans in this election, he will have gone a long ways towards wiping them out; but what happens to those troglodytes who have voted for him? In states where Republicans are a majority, like Florida, there will still be outrages like the warehousing of the mentally ill in prisons where they are tortured by the staff for fun, voter suppression, school segregation and arrests of first graders for fighting, immigrant abuse, etc. Meaning the federal attorneys general will have their hands full suing the states gov’ts to force them to comply w/ Constitution.
      What I’m really worried about is that there are so many troglodytes hanging around. They need to be controlled somehow and their children re-educated, if we are to drag ourselves out of this hole we are in.
      I’m also worried that Trump will have a body of these troglodytes attached to him– brown shirts, if you will– after the election, and it will be hard for him to resist using them for something after the election, like building a new Nazi party, and trying for election again in 2020…
      If we could have a Republican Party that really wanted to participate in governance instead of obstruction and false propaganda, then gov’t would be much much better– we really need functional conservatives and liberals both to cooperate in fulfilling promises of Constitution to promote the general welfare instead of fighting over trifles; how about a Constitutional Amendment that mandates taxing people progressively to pay for infrastructure and health care, etc. etc. There’s so much we could do if we could get cooperation in Congress on fighting our real problems instead of fighting each other.
      But the troglodytes don’t want cooperation, they want destruction of their enemies. They are very dangerous, and right now Trump has them whipped up to a frenzy.


  2. Lynn Ruby permalink
    2016-05-11 8:02 AM

    Thanks to Conrad and Rick. I do enjoy your opinions and I appreciate all the research involved. Please continue.


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