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Wisconsin Rejects Donald Drumpf (no, not Donald Duck)


The polls are closing in Wisconsin as I speak, and early returns on the NYT website show Cruz winning by 51% to Drumpf’s 31%, a resounding defeat for the most ill-mannered candidate in American history.  What is Drumpf going to say now?  “Stop the primaries because I was winning!”

Drumpf has already demanded that Kasich drop out of the race for the nomination because he isn’t getting enough votes and he’s interfering with Drumpf’s majority search.  In fact, he even claims that a near-majority is enough.  He is desperate to avoid a loss on the first ballot, because after that, delegates will be free to vote for whomever they choose.  Many delegates are sure to desert him after the first ballot.

Ted Cruz, too, wants Kasich to bow out, because he claims that Kasich will help Drumpf win his majority.  Both Cruz and Drumpf want the race to themselves.  Cruz is said to have spurned Kasich’s offer to split up the remaining primaries in order to play to their respective strengths and beat Drumpf (see this NYT story.)

Some say that Wisconsin’s tradition of humility, decency, and civility is rubbed the wrong way by Drumpf’s abrasive personality.  Whether it is his personality or his lack of preparedness for the office of president, Drumpf has hit his ceiling.  Whether the contests in the Northeast are more suited to Drumpf’s personality remains to be seen.

Bernie Sanders has also done extremely well in Wisconsin, beating Hillary Clinton by 54 to 46 percent.  Again, Wisconsin’s tradition of left-leaning representatives has come into play, helping Sanders win a much needed primary contest.

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