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Deep Roots for Lack of Minorities in American Medical Schools | Medpage Today


“The pipeline itself is just too small,” Marc Nivet, EdD, MBA, chief diversity officer of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), told MedPage Today. “The barriers exist up and down the continuum to our segregated education system … Too many of our minority students are in poor-performing or underperforming K-12 school systems.”

via Deep Roots for Lack of Minorities in American Medical Schools | Medpage Today.

This article was linked to by Ivan Oransky’s Twitter feed.  I don’t normally read Twitter feeds, but it caught my attention because it is reposted along with his regular web site / blog posts.

This calls attention to a serious problem which has gotten worse, not better, since I was in medical school.   Only five percent of the first year class in my school was African-American.  What’s worse, half of them dropped out after the first year.  They just couldn’t cut it academically.  I talked to some of them, and they studied hard, they seemed intelligent, they didn’t goof off, but they couldn’t cut the material.  Either they hadn’t taken enough courses in college that prepared them, like biochemistry, or they just hadn’t been exposed to large amounts of rote memorization, like anatomy and the rest of the first year courses.

The problem is that most black kids start first grade at schools that are just no good.  They are relatively or absolutely underfunded, they have lousy teachers, low standards, and an environment not conducive to learning.  So even black kids who want to become doctors, in the worst way, either wind up following the Ben Carson path, or just don’t make it.

It’s not their fault.  It’s the fault of the system of funding for primary education, which is based primarily or entirely on local funds.  Since black kids live in low-rent districts, their tax base is grossly inadequate to fund their primary schools.  This is a political crime, and it has been perpetrated against low-income, primarily black or Mexican kids ever since universal primary schooling was instituted (after the Civil War?)

The only solution is federal funding for primary school to make sure everyone gets an equal amount of money (if not extra money to make up for other deficits) to attend school.

It’s not fair to send black kids to crummy grade schools.  It just perpetuates the disadvantages they were born with and aggravates the other problems, the chronic lead poisoning, the broken families (one or both parents in prison for no good reason), etc.  I could go on, but I only have so much space, and what I’m saying is well known to everyone with a brain who has been exposed to the facts.  The system is unfair from the beginning.


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  1. Richard Steagall permalink
    2016-03-16 10:42

    Desegregation opened the schools. Then whites moved out of the cities by the 1970s. The federal courts implementing busing during the Nixon Administration and ran into overwhelming opposition. Housing patterns resegregated the schools. Seattle and Loiusville tried to respond and the Roberst Supreme Court destroyed that in a 5-4 decision.

    It is class as well as race. Wealthy white suburbanites do not want to pay to educate inner city blacks and Hispanics.

    I have no idea how to resolve that


  2. 2016-03-16 18:48

    Desegregation probably wasn’t the answer they were looking for.


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