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Donald Trump is a Cyberbully–The New York Times


Parry Aftab, a lawyer who leads the Internet safety group WiredSafety, said Mr. Trump’s behavior was a textbook example of cyberbullying.

In particular, she said his methods were characteristic of “mean-girl cyberbullying” because he enlists others to mimic his attacks. She said his conduct resembled the violent and abusive language her organization can often get removed from Facebook and Twitter.

via To Fight Critics, Donald Trump Aims to Instill Fear in 140-Character Doses – The New York Times.


It’s official.  Donald Trump is a “mean-girl cyberbully” who enlists others to mimic and amplify his attacks.

There’s no precedent for this in a serious Presidential candidate.  Donald Trump will trash anyone significant who criticizes him or refuses to endorse him.  The criticism can be extremely mild and the reaction may include sexual harassment, slander, and threats– with the worst abuses coming not from Trump himself but one of his six million followers.

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