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Absurd Products– Example One


There is a product “on the market” so to speak, of which I was fortunate enough to examine a sample, which is known as an “Earthing Device.”  The basic product comes in a foil package like that used to dispense freeze-dried food, and is priced on the package at $19.99; the package art is attractive and lists the many benefits that this device can bestow.  Inside is an instruction book, a three-way plug with three LED lights on the other end, a six-foot electrical cord insulated in white vinyl, and several pads of adhesive skin electrodes like those used to attach electrical leads when performing an EKG.  There is also a five-by-five foot sheet of foil-like material with a snap fixture for the wire lead.  The “business end” of the cord ends in a round plug that fits snugly into the third hole in a three-way electrical outlet.

The instruction book explains how to insert the three-pronged plug device and observe which lights are illuminated.  If the two yellow lights are lit and the red light is not, then the electrical outlet is properly wired.  Otherwise, various combinations of error are noted by the lights that illuminate.  The most important point is that the neutral light should not be lit, as this is the one you will want to plug in to.  This three-pronged device is in fact identical to a commercially available device that confirms a three-way socket is correctly wired, except that it is a fetching bright white instead of electrical yellow.

The instruction book is mostly filled with testimonials from about a dozen satisfied users who explain the multifarious benefits of the device: relief of pain, fatigue, swellings, general well-being, and so on.  The adhesive electrodes are applied to specific spots on the body for localized pain, and the sheet is to be put on one’s bed to sleep on.  Both are hooked to the ground pole on the electrical outlet, so the device simply “grounds” whatever site it is applied to.

The notion that this device could provide any benefits of any type, medical or otherwise, is absurd.  Nonetheless, it is offered for sale, and someone must be buying it.  This product is absurd.

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