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A Medieval Antidote to ISIS – The New York Times


Aware that irja is its theological antidote, the Islamic State presents it as a lack of religious piety. It is, however, true piety combined with humility — the humility that comes from honoring God as the only judge of men. On the other hand, the Islamic State’s zeal to dictate, which it presents as piety, seems to be driven by arrogance — the arrogance of judging all other men, and claiming power over them, in the name of God.

via A Medieval Antidote to ISIS – The New York Times.

If there is a moderate form of Islam, this is it.  I recommend this article to all open-minded people who know that there are almost as many Muslims as Christians in the world and know that we all have to live together, or we will all die together.

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  1. Robin Atkins Smollar permalink
    2015-12-21 16:42

    Was just reading this. Do you watch msnbc? Unlike sister Terri, I am a progressive.


    • 2015-12-22 04:40

      I do watch MSNBC but I get most of my news from PBS and the New York Times. I’m not proud, I’ll pull news from anywhere, as long as it is confirmed by several outfits of differing political persuasions or points of view. Glad to hear you are a progressive. Does that also mean you are a liberal? Don’t be afraid to affirm whether you are liberal or conservative– both are legitimate branches of political discourse. The piece I referenced: A Medieval Antidote to ISIS– could be characterized as conservative or liberal, depending on your point of view, but it is certainly of the variety that holds that we all must live together and no-one can tell you what to think. The only kind of political philosophies I hate are theocracy (like ISIS), reactionaries( like most Republican establishment figures), and fascists (like Putin and Trump.) I kind of like radicalism, but I think it’s dangerous.


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