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The inhomogeneity, or lack of it, of the Universe– Invitation to Cosmologists to Explain This

2015-12-15  The universe isn’t fractal, this article claims.  Gamma ray bursts appear to cluster into a structure a billion light years long, too big to be produced in the time since the Big Bang.  Fractal dimension as a measure of the scale of homogeneity.  “The scale of homogeneity depends very weakly on the choice of tracer of the density field. Thus the suggested definition of the scale of homogeneity is fairly robust.”  refers to this paper:  which reports the discovery of a structure defined by large quasar groups (LQG’s) that is “larger than the  homogeneity scale of the R-W concordance cosmology” –saying that anything larger than 1.2 billion light years across violates the Cosmological Principle…  by being inhomogenous.

This post is  especially for budding cosmologists to  either delve into or comment on.   An y cosmologists out there?

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