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The Syrian Refugee Crisis and Europe: Other Views


I draw your attention to a post by a wordpress blogger, psych and society:

The arguments in this post are disturbing and may even become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The post states that Muslim immigrants, currently some 4 million Syrians, will contribute to crime in the countries they come to, will not integrate into society by finding jobs and working, and will substantially increase the Muslim populations of countries like Germany, which is expected to grow to ten percent.

Much of what the post states is arguably true.  It may become a self-fulfilling prophecy if Muslim immigrants are segregated into ghettos, treated with suspicion by potential employers, excluded from educational opportunities, and generally treated as unwanted interlopers.

The only response that will prevent this eventuality is to aggressively attempt to integrate incoming immigrants with jobs, housing, educational placement, and close supervision by police and social services.  This aggressive response will be very expensive, but it will ultimately benefit the society by boosting the new inhabitants into full membership.  More importantly, it will prevent the development of new jihadis among the disillusioned young Muslim immigrants.

The alternative, especially in France, is the expansion of Muslim enclaves and increased unemployment among Muslim youth, with consequent increases in the Muslim prison population.  This prison population is a prime breeding ground for jihadis: the jailers do not even take the elementary precaution of preventing potential jihadis from communicating with each other and radicalizing each other.

The United States will be spared much of this mayhem because the vetting process for Syrian refugees currently takes two years and is likely to slow down even more if Congress overrides Obama’s veto of the new anti-immigrant bill that has already passed the House with a veto-proof majority.

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