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Jeb Bush Hypocrisy on Email Disclosure and George W. Bush’s Emails While President


Earlier this week, Jeb Bush attempted to capitalize on the recent email controversy by tweeting “Transparency matters. Unclassified @HillaryClinton emails should be released. You can see mine, here” Bush’s attempt to score quick political points exposes him to a powerful hypocrisy attack.  As governor, Bush used private emails; thus far he has not disclosed them all. There is even early media speculation that Bush’s actions may have skirted Florida law.

via MEMO: Jeb Bush Hypocrisy on Email Disclosure | American Bridge PAC.

During his tenure as governor of Florida, Jeb Bush used a private email server for all of his public and private emails– over three million of them.  He has released some 250,000 private emails, less than ten percent of the total.  Yet his Republican cronies have castigated Hillary Clinton for using a private email account when she was Secretary of State, as if she was doing something unheard-of, dangerously insecure, and possibly illegal.

Well, that’s not so.  It wasn’t illegal, it wasn’t against policy, and it wasn’t even that unusual.  Colin Powell did it.  Ex-Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker did it, and he’s “at the center of a Wisconsin controversy” over his use of a private email address.  Florida Senator Marco Rubio deleted emails from his private account that he deemed unsuitable for release.  Governors Bobby Jindal and Rick Perry did it too.  Mitt Romney destroyed the hard drives from his government-owned computer when he left office as Governor of Massachusetts.

There’s plenty of suspicion to go around: high government officials from both parties have deleted or decided not to release millions of emails that may have revealed inconvenient aspects of their governing behavior while in office.  The Bush Administration lost millions of emails, a story which was largely ignored by the “Beltway media.”  As many as 22 million emails were sent using a private email server, possibly a violation of the Presidential Records Act of 1978.  This damaging information didn’t come to light until after Bush had left office.

See these stories in the blogs for MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Wikipedia for more information.

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