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Donald Trump’s Vision for Deporting 11 million illegal aliens


There is a hidden evil inside Mr. Trump’s plan for deporting all eleven million illegal aliens.  Let us see what it is.  In order to deport the people, he must first locate them, round them up, identify them, and then go through the process (whatever it takes) to repatriate them.  This will necessitate a large holding area for aliens who have been located and picked up, assuming that the locating has been done without violating the civil rights of the American citizens with whom they are living, and that there has been no resistance from the aliens to being picked up.

Once the aliens have been rounded up and are in detention, it will be necessary to identify them and return them to their countries of origination.  It is unlikely that Mexican authorities will accept aliens from other countries further south.  Therefore, some process of identification will be required, however rudimentary.

Once aliens have been identified and processed, they can be put on a plane to wherever they came from.  What about those whose home countries remain unidentified or the country refuses to accept the alien?  In any case, the period of residence in this holding area could wind of being very long, requiring food and shelter for another large group of people who don’t want to be there, along with the residents of the jails and prisons.

Removing that many people will be an organizational nightmare.  There is no evidence, based on past experience, that Donald Trump has the organizational abilities to handle such a complex job fraught with conflicts and ambiguity, a job that will make the United States Immigration Service (ICE) look like brutal occupiers, coming into neighborhoods with buses with bars on their windows and driving away with half the adult population, leaving vulnerable children who are American citizens with no caregivers.

This is the most dangerous and complicated enterprise ever proposed in the area of forced migrations.  It is fair to say that, if undertaken, it would grossly distort and poison relations between white and brown North Americans– far worse than things already are.

Trump’s inflammatory remarks have already polarized the electorate.  Some find his insults and rash proposals “refreshing” while others find his open racism and sexism disgusting.  What is bizarre is that radical Republicans have begun to split into a postracial, paranoid, Dr. Carson group and a racist, stuck in the past, low information Trump faction.

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