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Donald Trump is a Malignant Narcissist


Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist.  He even has characteristics that compare favorably with Adolf Hitler.  There.  I said it.  Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.  If enough people ignore him, thinking he’ll go away, well, he won’t go away.  He’ll be responsible for World War Three.

Here, for example, are the main points of his (anti-) immigration plan: 1) build a wall at the Mexican border 2) deport all twelve million illegal aliens.  When asked about the cost (a guesstimate is 400 to 600 billion dollars) he merely repeats his lies that Mexican illegal immigrants are responsible for crime, specifically rape (in fact, illegal immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than non-illegal immigrants, primarily because their motivation for being here is to make money to send home, and crime is inconsistent with regular work hours.)

His misogyny and racism are famous.  His connections to organized crime are not so well-known.  For example, did you know that Trump Towers (his signature apartment building) is 58 stories of reinforced concrete rather than the more sensible structural steel?  Why, you ask?  Well, it seems that there is this Mob-run concrete company that he favors.  He has used this company repeatedly on other construction projects, so it’s not as if he just made an ignorant mistake on this one.

Did you know that one of his four business bankruptcies is his Trump Casino?  After being rated worst in a famous magazine review of almost 500 popular companies in 1999, his casino went bankrupt.  How does a casino go bankrupt?  There has to be really stunning mismanagement or fraud involved, because last time I checked, there was no shortage of idiots willing to throw away their money on rigged games of chance.

Then there is the question of his net worth.  Is it four billion, ten billion, or minus 250 million?  Take one guess.  It’s not a positive number, despite his loud and repeated claims.  He gets his famous business skill by bluffing other people into taking risks for him: a typical con man. A large part of his figuring for his net worth involves his self-evaluation of the business value of his name.

I could go on, but just one more item: his income taxes.  His net income was claimed to be a negative number for several years in a row, avoiding the need to pay any of those pesky federal income taxes.  How can a guy who retains a convicted cocaine dealer as a helicopter pilot have a negative income?  It’s not hard when you’re Donald Trump.

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