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Chester, NY July 22, 2015

This is no longer merely a matter of point-of-view, pro versus anti, right versus left. With this kind of poisonous propaganda the right–with its access to unlimited funding by its shadowy billionaire backers–is taking the nation into profoundly undemocratic territory.

Students of history will recognize the nature of this particular variety of propaganda and the deliberate use of Big Lie tactics to drive mass opinion through rage, reaction, and hate.

What makes this more dangerous is that it is not happening in isolation. This crude tactic goes beyond the reactionary anti-choice movement, whose excesses over the years have included acts of murder and clinic bombings. These radicals are now working in close alliance with the broader political right to destabilize and fracture our already-polarized national politics in advance of next year’s elections.

Notice the alacrity with which ambitious right-wing politicians–alerted long before the tapes were released to their existence and potential usefulness–have moved to weaponize this whole sordid nonsense to advance their own ambitions.

Beyond the core issue of women’s reproductive freedom and a woman’s right to a full spectrum of health care–already under assault everywhere in America–this incident underscores the deterioration of the Republican Party and the American right into a radical, unprincipled movement funded by a handful of oligarchs answerable to no-one and determined to win at any cost.

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