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In China, Illegal Drugs Are Sold Online in an Unbridled Market – The New York Times




This post was drafted a month ago and forgotten, but here it is before it’s too late:

An article in the New York Times that may have escaped your notice reveals that the Chinese are not enforcing their drug laws in relation to online sales of bulk quantities of drugs.  Not only the end products, but the compounds used to manufacture them, are available without any apparent restrictions; Mexican cartels are turning to Chinese suppliers for precursor chemicals in order to manufacture methamphetamine in particular.  Most other countries have developed, and enforce, restrictions on specific chemicals that are needed to manufacture illicit drugs, but China has been extremely lax.  Here is a large quote that explains the situation:


“They just didn’t see what was in it for them to look into their own industries exporting these chemicals,” said Jorge Guajardo, the former Mexican ambassador to China.

China’s chemical factories and drug traffickers have exploited this opportunity, turning the nation into a leading producer and exporter of synthetic drugs, including methamphetamine, as well as the compounds used to manufacture them, according to seizure and trafficking route data compiled by American and international law enforcement agencies.

China is now the source of a majority of the ingredients needed to manufacture methamphetamine by Mexican drug traffickers, who produce 90 percent of the meth consumed in the United States, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

As governments around the world have stepped up regulation of these so-called precursor chemicals, the Mexican cartels have increasingly turned to Chinese chemical factories.

Mr. Guajardo, Mexico’s ambassador from 2007 to 2013, said his efforts to persuade Chinese authorities to restrict the export of these chemicals, which are banned in Mexico, came to naught. Instead, he said, Chinese officials said the problem was best handled by Mexican customs agents or claimed that Mexico’s written requests for assistance had used the incorrect typeface or were improperly translated into Chinese.

“In all my time there, the Chinese never showed any willingness to cooperate on stemming the flow of precursors into Mexico,” he said in a telephone interview.

via In China, Illegal Drugs Are Sold Online in an Unbridled Market – The New York Times.

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