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Chris Koz

Portland, OR. November 17, 2014

I love my country, I hate what it has become, and I mourn, perhaps selfishly, that I live in a time where we justify unnecessary suffering for 10s of millions of Americans for no viably argued reason. We spend two billion dollars+ a day on defense but we cannot defend our teachers or house the homeless? We give Corp. like Boeing, GE, Walmart, and Exxon billions in incentives & subsidies only because they have purchased our Democracy. For some bizarre, inexplicable reason, many of our citizens cheer for the wealthiest who have such vast wealth they can never, not even generationally, spend it. Six Walton members are worth more than 42% of our nation combined…

Even more unthinkable, add the three Koch Brothers to this list, just nine humans no better than you or me, worth $241,000,000,000.00. Only our inhumanity should find this okay and those who justify this inequality are not humane no matter how hard they try to hide behind a philosophy, an ideology, or the stench of a willful ignorance so deep that ‘they’ are willing to commit themselves & others to vast suffering in support of that which they will never be. What cowardice.
This life we are given is a precious gift filled with wonderment & it is very short. That we mask the beauty of life with such inequality (e.g. hardship) & squander our time to justify it disgusts me.
We have lost our way & it is not okay. Something must be done.

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