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Indrid Cold

USA 5/22/2015  8:00 AM

This explains the widespread and increasing contempt for our criminal justice system. Why do you suppose people are filled with such rage against our legal system, and the police? Could it be that the citizenry are tired of seeing people incarcerated for years over victimless drug possession, while those who steal the equivalent of a small nation’s GDP go free? I find our current system of “justice” utterly contemptible lacking even the basic mandate of criminal law enforcement. Our prisons are now nothing more than for-profit facilities designed to warehouse those without job prospects (the surplus population if you will.)

Our police, with their paramilitary operations methodology, now simply keep our for-profit penal system filled up to the capacity that the municipal governments are contractually bound to. Yet not a single corporate CEO has been indicted for massive crimes that have had negative effects from coast to coast. And the “fines” that are levied amount to little more than 10% of the amount that was illegally appropriated. I am not some young inexperienced kid railing against “the man” but am a successful business owner who quite unexpectedly finds himself in a circumstance of total disrespect for “authority.” I can hardly imagine how those who have suffered direct predation by “the man” must feel. I suspect however, that the riots in cities like Baltimore are but the fuse that will ignight a full scale civil rebellion.

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