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Death of Freddie Gray 2: Indicted, Arrested, Arraigned, and Released


The big news from Baltimore is that the recently elected District Attorney has indicted six police officers for the arrest and death of Freddie Gray.   Her logic is impeccable: running from the police is not a crime; the knife he was arrested for having in his possession was a legal knife; and he was clearly injured, according to the autopsy, in the police van.  This, at the very least, justified the indictment for false arrest.

The autopsy showed that he had a fatal, large force injury in the back of his head that was shaped like a bolt in the bulkhead of the van.  This blunt injury caused a fracture of the spinal column and partial transection of the spinal cord; in addition, he had a crushed larynx that may have been caused by the same injury.

There is evidence, from what the police officers testify (all but the van driver have testified) that they initially looked in on him for complaints of pain and difficulty breathing, but merely set him back up on the seat.  Thereafter, he was looked at and spoken to several times, but was unresponsive.  This suggests that he was injured early on during the van ride.  This also forms the basis for charges of involuntary manslaughter.

It is irrelevant to say that Freddie Gray was, while not currently wanted by the police, a known lawbreaker who had been arrested several times.   That is no excuse for stopping someone without probable cause.  There is equally no excuse for arresting a man for possessing a legal knife when the size and style of legal knifes should be well known to a beat officer.

Then, the fact that the new District Attorney is a 35 year old black woman is irrelevant as well; it may as well be said that she is a fifth generation police officer.

Then there is the attitude of the indicted police officers themselves: (With the awareness that, although they have been arrested, someone has posted their $250 thousand bail, they have seen the judge, and they have been released and are free to come and go as they please, at least to a limited extent.)

““They came, they did their job, they regret that someone was killed. But in their hearts and in their minds, they think that they did the right thing. And they hurt behind the backlash of it more than anything, and being left out there with no support,” the relative of one of the six officers involved with Gray’s arrest told WBAL.”

That’s alright. The first stage in Mourning is Denial.


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