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New York, NY 

Jeb Bush’s decision to effectively outsource his campaign to his largest contributor will seal his fate as a losing candidate, even before the campaign begins in earnest. The old maxim that “if they’ll give me $5, they’ll give me their vote” still rings true in voting. Having 50 of your father’s closest business partners pony up $1 million each for your campaign is hardly an exercise in connecting with voters (and receiving their votes).

Chris Boese

New York City 

The SuperPACs (and the journalists who cover them) are both guilty of an unsupported leap of logic: That all the money in the world can actually buy an election, with world enough and time.

I believe the scholarship has disproven this thesis, though I don’t have the links right in front of me. The findings show that, yes, money CAN help a candidate, give a big boost, but ultimately, it can’t polish a turd.

World enough and time, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, all SuperPACs combined, for instance, could NOT put Ted Cruz in the White House. Or Rand Paul.

Now the other more middling, mainstream-y types, yeah, they get stuff paid for, they get media cover, they get their names repeated ad nauseum. Funny, though, how all the money in the world just cannot buy the kind of reputation Elizabeth Warren has with voters. Not that she should run, but I’m just making the point: authenticity and integrity should trump money-driven marketing pooh any day.

I still have faith in that. This week, at least.

[my personal opinion: the Republican candidates are so odious and so out of touch with the people that they will not be able to win a presidential election.  The gerrymandered House candidates are another story altogether– the districts will elect anything put before them with the right party affiliation.]

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