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The “situation” in Israel-Palestine is, in my humble opinion, the result of two opposing forces which have no interest in negotiation; both sides are interested only in conquering.  The Zionist side made a strategically brilliant secret offensive that was conceived as early as the late 1800’s.  The Arab side was at first completely disorganized, then completely brainwashed into a millenial monotheist dictatorship that is still militarily inadequate.  There are dominant elements on both sides that make reasonable negotiation impossible.  The current situation can only be separation by armed elements of the United Nations.  Jerusalem should always have been a demilitarized, transnational territory. In particular, the Western Wall and the area that used to comprise the Temple in Jerusalem should be opened to archaeological inspection to determine what specific writings can be located that bear on the history of the three main monotheistic religions.  The areas that ’til now have been restricted from archaeological exploration need to be opened up because there are likely to be writings that contradict elements of our history of religions.

This is also likely to be true of the Ka’ba in Mecca that has been occupied for thousands of years and reconstructed many times.  There is only one entity that can impose archaeological exploration on all these sites.  That is an alien that is able to impose its will by the use of superior force.

In “The Day the Earth Stood Still” the alien demonstrates his power by shutting off all the internal combustion and electric engines in the world for an hour.  After this demonstration, he explains that the earth cannot be allowed to export its destructive behavior to other worlds or it will be destroyed.

It is clear that our self-destructive behavior will continue unless we are somehow forcefully explained that we are making a mistake.

Here’s a couple of comments from the New York Times (NYT) that bear repeating:

“[March 20 , 2015]

How do the right-wingers who voted for the prime minister based on his no-Palestinian-state pledge feel now? How do the Palestinians feel, hearing two diametrically opposed positions in the same week from their negotiating “partner”? Which position is accurate?

Will anyone trust Benjamin Netanyahu now or believe anything that he says? Why would they, given that he has proved himself to be nothing but a typical politician, one who seeks to have it both ways, to say or do anything to be re-elected?

When we seek to understand why so many voters and potential voters have become apathetic, if not hostile, to government at all levels, look at the Netanyahu farce of 2015. Disgraceful.

Upper St. Clair, Pa.


“[March 20, 2015]

In focusing the blame entirely on Israel by stating that a change in the current situation cannot and will not come from within Israel, he completely ignores recent history regarding the intransigence of the Palestinian leadership.

In the waning days of the Clinton administration nearly 15 years ago, Israel made a very reasonable offer of land to the Palestinians for a state of their own. This offer was rebuffed outright with nary a counterproposal. Instead, the Palestinians launched a second intifada.

Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in the summer of 2005, which was the only time in history that anyone gave the Palestinians even an acre of land for themselves. The Palestinians responded by converting the territory into a rocket launching pad, directly provoking two wars.

The two-state solution has indeed “seen more funerals than a reverend,” but the main reason for that has been a Palestinian leadership apparently more interested in embracing a culture of death and destruction rather than one of life and hope.

New York

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