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There has been much news of late describing how Russia under the rule of Putin is slipping back in to a totalitarian, aggressive nation.   There’s a great article in the NYT today by an ex-Russian who spends a week in a hotel room watching nothing but Russian television.   In order to get through this ordeal, he is forced to be half-drunk most of the time and susbsist on a mostly meat diet.   Here is a quote from his entertaining experience, about a guest on a Russian television show reminiscent of “Jerry Springer”:

“In her own way, she is a model citizen for Putin’s new Russia. She knows to keep her trap shut while being continuously shouted at by persons in authority.”

It’s either that or the rubber hoses applied forcibly to the soles of your feet, where they don’t show and you can’t walk afterwards.

A link to the article:

The title refers to the “out of my mouth comes unimpeachable manly truth” tone of voice in the presentations of the news readers on Russian TV, which is even worse than Fox News (if that is possible.)

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