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A Note About Senator Robert Menendez


We had previously noted that a Dr. Melgen, an ophthalmologist who was Medicare’s top biller recently, prescribed a lot of Lucentis, a drug made by Genentech, a subsidiary of Roche.  Dr. Melgen also contributed over $700,000 to a superPAC called Majority PAC.  Some $600K of this money went to help re-elect Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey, who is a Democrat.

Well, Democrat in name, anyway.  It seems that Mr. Menendez and Mr. Obama do not see eye to eye.  The president’s policies on Cuba and Iran are particular areas in which Mr. Menendez has criticized him.  In fact, Menendez has said, “I don’t get calls from the White House.” [quoted in the New York Times today.]

So we see that Democrats in New Jersey like Mr. Menendez are beholden to, or at least entangled with, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and do not agree with the president on important matters of policy.  In particular, Mr. Menendez does not believe that we should end our fifty year long, increasingly pointless and vindictive, embargo against Cuba.  Mr. Menendez also believes that we should increase sanctions against Iran at a time when we are in the process of negotiating an end to Iran’s nuclear misbehavior.

It is clear that Mr. Menendez does not like Mr. Obama for reasons that are not completely obvious.   Could it be that his disapproval has more to do with his ties to the pharmaceutical industry and his occult corruption than the fact that they are both in the same Democratic Party?

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