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A Disturbingly Light Sentence for Governor Bob McDonnell, and the reason why


Here’s another deeply sentient comment from the New York Times, on the article announcing the Governor McDonnell was sentenced to two years in prison for corruption in his office.  The corruption amounted to $177,000 worth of perks such as a free Rolex, rides in the corruptor’s Ferrari, and low interest loans, all in exchange for promoting the corruptor’s phony vitamin business.


mountain view, california [1/6/15]

Possibly the following from Wikipedia regarding Judge Spencer will either clear things up or further baffle us on his poorly chosen comment about being broken hearted:

James R. Spencer was nominated by President Ronald Reagan on September 9, 1986 to the a seat on the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Richmond Division. He was confirmed by the United States Senate on October 8, 1986 and received his commission on October 14, 1986. He was the first African American to be nominated to this position in this district. In 1985, Judge Spencer earned a master of divinity degree from Howard University.

Since when does a master of divinity qualify a person to be a Federal District Court judge?  Since the grantee is “African-American” (like other paragons of his race such as Clarence Thomas.)  That’s what made him so “broken hearted” at having to sentence a fellow Republican to prison at all, much less for more than a year.

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